Saturday, November 24, 2007


It was daughter number one's valedictory dinner last night and she was one of 145 kids graduating from her High School. Some of them I have known since kindergarten and it amazes me how quickly they grow up. I spent three weeks with most of them on a trip to Central Australia in 2005 and had a terrific time with a great bunch of kids.

Sitting there watching them all last night I was reminded again of my own school years and thought about the sense of excitement on that journey into adulthood that was about to begin. Today, many of them will vote in our Federal Election for the first time, most have already gotten their driver's licences during the year and it is now legal for them to drink.

I suspect that most don't consider that last night is probably the last time many of them will see each other. There will of course be those who will be lifelong friends, some may well become friends in the next months and years, some will marry, others will head off overseas. There will be success stories and probably some sad failures, there will even likely be some who will not be around at all in the next ten years let alone reach middle or old age.

I remember son number 2's Grade 6 graduation and a young kid who stood grinning at the door of the reception center handing out programs and ushering people to seats. Within a month he had suffocated when a sand cave collapsed on him while playing at a beach on his family holiday. But that day of the graduation he was happy and full of life, with dreams and ambitions, and good friends who would share that time with him. No different to any of the kids I saw last night.

So for the graduating class there are no fears, nor beliefs that the salad days will ever end. Sure they've had the weight of a tough year lifted with the end of exams and they are all looking forward to what the future brings and there will dounbtless be days of disappointment ahead for some. I trust for most though that life will unfold in ways that suit them. And who can really ask for any more.

I won't be around for the next week. I'm off to Tasmania tomorrow morning and will be doing a bit of bushwalking at Cradle Mountain for the next few days, before heading down to the south of the Island where I'll be visiting some of the places that my great-great-Grandparents, four of whom were Irish convicts, were assigned to work out their sentences. Stay well my friends and I'll be back in a weeks time.


. . . Dallas Meow . . . . >^^< . . . said...

sounds like you're off to a fabulous trip!

Dan Leone said...

Look at that mane of hair she has! Stunning!

We can definitely remember the days when the world was our oyster. Though we may have "soured" a bit on this journey, it is refreshing to see that it gets passed down to the next generation.

I wish her the best of luck!

Now, on to you. This sounds like a fsacinating adventure you are undertaking. Too bad you weren't bringing a laptop with you. We will miss your posts but we can't wait to hear how it went.

Have fun!

Blur Ting said...

Wow, congrats to your daughter!
And you look kinda different now that you've grown some facial hair. Nice picture of you both. Enjoy bush walking. I like doing that too :-)

Loz said...

Thanks Dallas - it will be fun. I'm looking forward to taking a couple fo thousand photos :)

Loz said...

Thanks Dan - she is stunning isn't she :)

She's planning on working and travelling for a while before she decides to continue studies.

Can't wait to get out in the fresh air after a long year internalising

Loz said...

Hi Blur - the facial hair is temporary. Someone called me junior Santa Claus the other day so that's motivation enough to get rid of it ;)

Gypsy said...

Lovely photo. Your daughter is a stunning looking young woman and looks just like her handsome Dad ;)

I am thinking about going to my High School reunion in two weeks. I won't have seen some of those people for 32 years. It will be interesting to see who turns up.

Can't wait to hear all about your trip to Tassie. I have always wanted to go there and am green with envy. I've heard its a stunningly beautiful place and hope you post lots of pics when you get back. Have a wonderful and safe trip. You deserve to have some fun.

Loz said...

Dear Gypsy - she is in trouble if she looks just like me :)

I think I've already said to you somewhere that you should go to your reunion. I organised one a couple of years ago and it was a great night.

There will be plenty of photos :)

Joh said...

Congrats on daughter, such a big time for them!
Enjoy Tassie, I went a couple of years ago to check out my family history with my grandfather. It was a great trip. We visited the old farm where they went after they'd stopped being convicts. It was facinating.

Dorothy said...

Tasmania, I remember that in a child's story. Have fun, and what a glow in the eyes of a proud daddy. Your daughter, beautiful.

Be safe, see you soon..will miss the blogs....

Dorothy from grammology
remember to call gram

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot of you both Laurie. Your daughter looks stunning.
And I wish her all the best for the future too.
Hope you have a fab time in Tassie.


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip! And what a beautiful daughter! just like her proud daddy!!! yes graduation has lots of meanings..especially for those in the midst and for us looking back on those years.

Anonymous said...

traveling mercies, Loz.

my best to your daughter and her endeavors...

DrowseyMonkey said...

Your daughter is just lovely...and you look like such a proud poppa.

Excellent post - brought back lots of memories of my own.

Enjoy your travels - sounds exciting. Get lots of pics for us!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Enjoy your vacation!! Your loevely daughter has your smile. :)

Kim said...

great post Loz....and a wonderful photo.....of the two of you.....
here's to a great holiday in Tassie.... :)

Sueblimely said...

She looks beautiful, Loz - you must be proud of her. These sort of events always make me even more proud of my kids. My youngest son did his deb ball this year and I think I must have had a smile on my face all evening (jaw was sore next day!)

There is a lot of pressure on the kids in their last year of school here isn't there. (I have had two kids go through it) Those exams are all important and they are constantly told it. No wonder they feel as if they need time out before continuing study.

I hope you had a wonderful time in Taz.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Your daughter looks lovely. You must be proud of her.

I never had that sense of excitement about the world in front of me - that has taken me an extra twenty five years. Worth the wait though, worth the journey and worth the angst.

I hope you enjoy Cradle Mountain. We went there a few years ago and it snowed in Summer!!

Jeff said...

It is amazing when we consider our perspective. We see our lives and the lives of others with one foot in the past. It is a very small view. To be able to get a bird's eye view, I think, would be too much for a mortal to take.

One Wacky Mom said...

Wow, I found you through my friend Kim's blog. Congratulations on #1's feats! They are fabulous. We're waiting to hear about Early Admission. #2 has an interview today with his brother's university.

On pins and needles.

Your daughter looks exactly like you.
Funny thing is #2 is smarter than #1...and they both know it. He wants to be in Manhattan with his brother. Tasmania sounds soooooooooo cool! I wish I could go there!

I linked into you by the way. I also love the title of your blog. Brilliant. This is been the hardest two years of my life.

One Wacky Mom said...

By the way your daughter is gorgeous.

FindingHeart said...

Seriously? Your daughter? If I were many years younger, lived under the world, were much more handsome, etc, I still wouldn't have a chance! Ha! Keep the shotgun nearby. ;)

Irish convicts, eh? You have to share some family history there. Mancub just did a 2nd grade project on an ancestor which made us look back again. I bet you are going to have a blast in memory land!

Safe travels.

Jod{i} said...

Not only intelligence yet she possess beauty!
Wonderful pic! Such joy in those eyes...thanks for sharing.

and nothing on the cre8buzz(Another email mayhap?)

Catherine said...

OMG Tasmania? Please post pics!!

Congratulations to your daughter for graduating. What a milestone. My daughter is in the ninth grade and has three more years left after. I can't imagine how it feels for your child to graduate? How did you feel about it? Were you sad, happy, etc?

I am so curious because it's something that I'm not looking forward to.

Karen said...

Congrats to your daughter and enjoy your trip!