Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Day for Whingeing

Not sure the people I'm referring to would see it that way but it certainly looks like it to me. Firstly I have a group of women complaining about the amount of money they have to pay to play, never mind the fact that the Association has been subsidsing them to the tune of several thousand dollars a year for the past four years. Pity, that this is a public blog and I can't really spell out what's happening, but if somehow any of you ladies stumble on this entry let me say that as pissed as you are, I am more pissed at what appears to be your attitude.

Secondly another Association has been making allegations of poaching players against us. We are not interested in poaching, we have not approached any other players and why would we want to displace our own kids to let outsiders in anyway? This is from a club that has itself pulled in plenty of kids from elsewhere for years including several who began their playing career with us. And one of ours who actually trained with them without our permission in the past few weeks. What a joke! As someone wrote on one forum "That's the pot calling the kettle black!"

Still, sorting out some of these issues is why they pay me the big money :)

In September 2001 I was the Executive Officer of the Victorian Basketball League and we were about to enter a weekend of National Finals in the regional Victorian town of Bendigo. It was the same week that the airline Ansett went into receivership and basically shut down overnight with the teams who were booked to fly in now unable to get there. As a result the finals that year had to be canceled and there was an outcry about how bad that situation was.

It was also the very same week that the Twin Towers fell in New York and the world changed forever. I wrote an article at the time reminding the whingers who were complaining about the cancellation of a basketball competition that there were mothers and fathers who would never again return home that week, that there were others who would never see their children again, that friends, siblings, family members all over the world were grieving, and these winers were complaining about a basketball competition ffs.

I guess the point is it's all about context. There are days when I cope well with whingeing and others, like today, when I feel like telling people to grow up and put things into context, that there are far more important things going on in the world.

And of course I have this blog where I can have a bit of a whinge myself whenever I feel like it. So there [poking my tongue out and stamping my foot]. Now I feel much better. How's your day been?


Gypsy said...

Well I am very glad that you feel better now Loz. I am just having a mental image of you poking your tongue out and stamping your feet...very cute.

You wonder what some of these people would do if they were ever faced with a REAL crisis.

I hate hypocrisy with a passion and that poaching situation sounds like it reeks of it. Sport has become such big business these days, especially professional sport, that it kind of takes all the fun out of it. Sportsmanship seems to be an alien concept once dollar signs start creeping into the equation. I admit I don't know anything about basketball but it happens in the AFL all the time. It's a shame really.

angus said...

Yes, well said. Sometimes the things we can get so stirred up about, are the things that matter the absolute least - to use a cliche, everyone's heard of crying over spilt milk?
My day wasn't bad actually, thanks for asking!

Pen and the Sword said...

Yes, but it is far more entertaining and meaningful to hear you "whine" than others. You are right though, some people get all bent out of shape about the most trivial things.

Josie Two Shoes said...

LOL at that ending, I can so relate to days like this! It is amazing how self-focused and petty people can be, in view of the bigger context of life and it's real miseries. Yes, every now and then you just want to say "suck it up and shut up"! If only these were the biggest problems people in the world have to deal with. Maybe everyone needs to couple weeks a year living with someone who has REAL problems to deal with, might make them a bit more grateful for what they have.

Loz said...

Gypsy - There's that word again "Crisis", What Crisis?

People do get caught up in their own world all the time and that's not being critical of them. Sometimes it's worth just taking a step back before firing up.

Loz said...

You're welcome Angus ;)

Loz said...

Pen - not sure about being entertaining...but venting does feel good sometimes.

HollyGL said...

I agree, Loz. Although occasionally guilty of a purely subjective complaint myself - just occasionally ;) - I have a very low threshold for those who consistently seem to look for the negative as it relates primarily to them.

Dorothy said...

Loz, I love having my blog for the same reasons. If affords me the opportunity to set the record the way I see it...good for you..and good luck with the issue...

And let no one tell us what we can say on our blogs...I love it..
Dorothy from grammology
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