Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The old and wise

From Journal 1 12th March 1986

It's Funny but when I was a young child I considered my parents to be old and wise. Now when I am a parent I certainly don't feel old and at times not all that wise. Being a father has made me realise that the twenty or thirty years age difference between most children and parents is not all that great a time.

Already Luke is two years old and Glen over six months and time sems to be marching on ever more quickly. Lyn and Ioften refer to the things Luke used to do as a baby as Glen reaches and passes through the same stages. This is not an attempt to be maudlin and shows no regret because each day brings new joys, but I often wiinder how one can be nostalgic for things that occurred such a short time ago.

Having children has also reinforced that feeling of mortality and the sense that life is short. I lost Pa Joyce when I was 17 years old and I was lucky. Most of the kids I knew had lost grandparents a lot younger than I was at the time and some of them had lost parents as well. If Luke is that lucky that means my parents or Lyn's parents may die some time in the next 15 years and that does make me sad.

By the same token children give one a certain sense of immortality for as long as they live the memories of their loved ones linger on. I hope Luke and Glen are at least as lucky as I was.

They weren't. Lyn's father passed away as a relatively young man of 56 in 1989, six weeks before the birth of my first daughter , my Dad in 2004. Both their grandmothers are still alive, my Mum at 77 years of age and Lyn's at 74.


Gypsy said...

It's great for kids to have grandparents. My parents absolutely worship every one of their grandkids and have spent so much time with them over the years.

Unfortunately both my sets of grandparents live(d) in England so I grew up without them. I always used to wish I had a Nanna and Pa to spoil me but luckily I had the most wonderful parents in the world which more than made up for it.

I hope my parents will be here for a lot longer yet but I am becoming increasingly aware that they won't be here forever and I dread the day when they're not.

Nick Phillips said...

Grandparents are a great bunch of people. I should know, I was spoilt by my grandparents. My kids aren't really very close to their grandparents simple because my wife's parents are in another state and on my side, I only have my mom left, and she's basically not the spoil the grandchildren kinda person ...

Loz said...

Gypsy - my grandparents were four very different people but the one thing I never doubted about any of them was that they loved me.

Loz said...

Nick - kids can be spoilt in all sorts of ways. Perhaps the best of those is simply to show an interest in them.

Manisha said...

my kids [if i am so fortunate to have] wont have a grandmom ....
my mom died cpl of yrs ago ... sad ...but then she would have liked to love & spoil my kids too .... makes me feel like the times running out