Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Diggers

From an old journal - Friday 13th April 1990

I'm writing tonight with Neil Young's "Harvest" and "After the Gold Rush" albums playing in the background. I'd not played them for a long time and even after nearly twenty years they still stand up well and they bring back a lot of good memories.

In the mid 1970's as a poor student neither I nor the group of mates I had which were collectively called "The Diggers could afford to go out very often. So we spent a lot of long nights at various peoples places gathered in the lounge room singing Neil Youn and James Taylor ballads, and Ausiie bush music to the accompaniment of a couple of guitars and occasionally a piano or a recorder. None of us were great singers but we had fun and it didn't cost much. I forgot to say that Bob Dylan's music also featured heavily.

Those memories are precious to me. The group of mates that were at school together for twelve years had yet to break up and although I still see some of them, the varied experiences of the ensuing years has in some ways put a barrier between us that even those memories can't fully break down. I suppose that's why I value Ian's friendship so much although we don't see a lot of each other now, our families are growing up together and even if links between them aren't strong they're still there. Our holidays together once a year is what keeps them going.

We spent a number of Easters on holiday together and several Christmas holidays at Narooma but those days, like the loungeroom singalongs have passed.

I see very little of anyone from those days at all now. Ian and I speak occasionally but it would seem that Lyn is who they are maintaining the friendship with. I wonder whether it is possible to do both. Certainly it must be uncomfortable for them and it shouldn't be a matter of choosing between us. I guess things will work themselves out over time.

Where do the years go?

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Gypsy said...

When any relationship breaks down it is always difficult for all concerned when it comes to joint friendships. People seem to think they have to choose sides and often you have to be the one that endures the lost friendship on top of everything else.

Isn't Narooma the most beautiful place on earth? I stayed there for a few days many years ago and I fell in love with it.

Keep your chin up Loz. You have many friends who care about you in the blogging world. Hope you know that.