Sunday, August 5, 2007


From Old Journal 7th July - 1992 - Glen was aged 6.

"Dad, I've got a spider on me!" Glen yelled.

"Then brush it off, " I yelled back.

"No! I can't find a brush!"


Kim said...

lol Loz
very cute...
I remember my son calling the NRMA ....Auntie took us a while to work out who Auntie May was :)

Loz said...

Thanks Kim - I hope you've written those things down :) It's great fodder for 21st birthday speeches

Nick Phillips said...

That's pretty funny Loz. LOL!

Trenting said...

There's nothing funnier then a 6'8" 265 lb. man running away screaming from a spider!

Cute story~

Diesel said...

Ah, a literalist like my son. Funny!