Sunday, August 26, 2007

Part of the week that was - of coaches

Interestingly this is the older of my two blogs but the one which has least visits and which this month I seem to have ignored more. Then I remembered that I had two weeks where I was quite ill with the flu and found little inclination, desire or motivation to write anyway.

My three blogs are all quite different - Midlife is where I tend to spend a fair bit of my time exploring emotion, philosophy and feelings; Visions of Oz where I display some of my photographic work; and here which began really as a place where I speak more of day to day stuff and where I have begun to transcribe some of my old journals. I have thought about merging them all and have found that I can do that on wordpress but for the moment it seems to make some sense to me to keep the themes separate. Readers of midlife will know that I have pondered whether to create yet another anonymous blog, but instead I have decided just to keep some things totally private by writing in my journal.

So instead of ignoring this blog completely I've decided I'll make an effort to at least give a weekly update of what's been going on. Might well be boring for most of you but it will serve as a record for me to keep if nothing else. So here goes.

Our Director of Coaching at work has taken a new position interstate after being with us for 8 years - in fact he predates my employment by three years, but I have known him for much longer than that because I was involved in employing him in a part time capacity at my former basketball association.

He has done a lot of good work here - won a SEABL championship last year, taken our junior program from 2 Victorian Championship teams in his first year to 13 this year - but like all of us, although he will be missed he is not irreplaceable and I am looking forward to finding a replacement and working with whoever that will be to continue the development of the sport.

I suppose I should explain a bit about the sport's structure here in Victoria because it is very different to anywhere else on the planet from what I can gather. And I probably should say that the sport is Basketball for those of you who don't know me.

The area of Melbourne in which I live and work is arguably the most densely populated basketball area on earth. Within a ten kilometre radius of where I work there are around 5000 basketball teams playing in organised competitions, and the Association where I work is, on last years figures, one team less than the largest Association in the country. We have around 1,000 teams, with 8500 players competing on a weekly basis.

One thing you do tend to find out when someone leaves is that there is sometimes a polarised view of their performance - most people are saddened but there are also some who welcome it and see opportunities opening up for them. We have already heard of a number of people who would like to return to the Association as a result of the move - but some of those people left for all of the wrong reasons so their return will not be a fait accompli.

One thing the Chairman and I decided was that we had to move quickly to sign the two imports who will play in our SEABL Men's team next year. Now in the past we have very much left that to the coach to determine, but this year the situation has changed for a couple of reasons.

And I should first explain that we are allowed to have two restricted players in the team and they can either be foreign players or players who have averaged more than 12 minutes per game in our National League [NBL].

The first reason for the change was that if we are to sign foreign players we now need to do police checks in their home country - now in our case, with two Americans, that means we need to get FBI checks done and we are told that can take up to 20 weeks. So if we want them out here for pre-season in early January, we need to get that underway as soon as possible. Secondly we weren't sure how long it would take to find a replacement coach and didn't want to risk waiting a few weeks in case the FBI checks were delayed.

So we have signed both imports already; the first will be returning for his 4th season with us, the second was on our list for last season but we made the approach too late. I won't name them here because we won't make the official announcement until later in the week and the second guy needs to tell his former club that he has signed with us before we trumpet it anyway.

So there you go - first post with a bit of a different theme.


Random Magus said...

Visions of Oz is the blog that I came across before both your blogs. But what I like about ll three that they carry distinctive parts of you and have a separate identity.

Loz said...

Amber - thanks for being a friend.