Sunday, July 8, 2007

"If your father wasn't already dead...."

"...I would have strangled him by now!" said Mum today when I visited for lunch with my sons.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, raising an eyebrow quizically.

"He's waking me up every night," she said. "He'll wait till I'm in a deep sleep then he'll start to shake the bed. I'm not going crazy. This place is haunted. I've also seen a woman with a dog and a man in a trench coat standing in the doorway, but I don't know either of them."

"But your father...if I ever meet him again, I'll go through him."

And I know she would.

I would have been totally sceptical about this once but I've said elsewhere that he came to me one night too. Now I have no real idea whether this is purely a product of our imagination and in some ways that doesn't matter because at the time it happens it's as real as anything is.

Son number 2 couldn't help but scoff so I told him he could expect a visit from his Grandad tonight in his thermal singlet and y-fronts. If you're reading this Dad, go easy on him :)


Sandi said...

Heh.. this cracked me up! I think your mom is a hoot.

I wonder why people visit us like that? are they sending a message? that they are ok? or? who knows I guess...

Enjoying reading your blogs.

Loz said...

Dad snored a lot when he was alive sandi - maybe he doesn't like the thought of MUm having an uninterrupted nights sleep :)

And thanks for the comments.

darlene said...

wow, that is neat to experience that, as i have always wanted too

Loz said...

Hi Darlene - it was a very strange experience for me, not at all frightening but a little frustrating because we couldn't converse.

Random Magus said...

Thats a beautiful picture.
I believe in ghosts and my aunt actually sees a lot of them. Some people are just more attuned. I used to see a ghost/bad spirit whatever when I was a kid. Thank god I don't anymore - I'm so scared of ghosts I would literally faint with fright

Loz said...

Amber - I guess the fright would depend on who you saw. I'm still a little sceptical and not convinced it's not just imagination

HollyGL said...

What if what we believe to be our waking life is the dream, and our dreams are the reality. ;)

Loz said...

I have often wondered that Steph - maybe that's why I liked the Matrix series so much