Sunday, July 1, 2007

Of Angels

I wrote in my post The loneliness of the long distance father about a friend of mine who is estranged from his kids at the moment and struggling because of that. I had dinner with this bloke a few nights back and we got to talking about a lot of things including his journey into his spirituality.

Several years ago he began to explore aspects of Buddhism and various other religions which have lead him most recently to the point where he has joined a grove of druids. I have hinted in some posts about my own emerging desire to explore my spirituality based upon an exposure to things over the past few years that I would once have been totally close minded about. I have for a long time regarded myself as an agnostic but as the old saying goes, in these beliefs “I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.”

It is undeniable that there is order in the universe, physical laws about matter, energy and time that are indisputable if not yet fully understood by man. Does that mean the existence of God? I can honestly state that I do not know, but if the universe is finite in extent in both time and space then I can believe that there must have been something both before it’s birth or beyond it’s bounds and that something may as well be called God.

Whether that is a God who made us in his image or whether or not this God does hold us to account is something for another post. But what I wanted to touch on here was the concept of fate.

I have always struggled with the concept that everything is already mapped out. I prefer to think that every decision we make leads to a splitting of universes so that we continue on in many places based upon whether we get out of bed at 7 am or 1 second past. The concept of God demands a belief in the infinite and therefore my theory is no less valid if infinity does exist. I don’t claim to be right, I merely point out that I have a preference for a belief in free will rather than a belief that we are doomed to live a kind of cosmic groundhog day when the future has already happened.

But are there things that guide us – are beliefs themselves spiritual beings that aid us in our decision making? At dinner the other night my friend gave me a pack of Archangel Cards, asked me to shuffle them and draw three of them face up in front of me. I had never till that point, even heard of these things before. The cards I drew were the following –

Card 1; Archangel Raziel – Take back your power

According to a number of sources Raziel means “Secret of God” and he wrote a book in which all of the celestial and earthly knowledge was recorded. He is supposed to have passed this book onto Adam and Eve when they were expelled from the garden of Eden. One of the things Raziel is able to give is an understanding of the energy in the universe and how it can be manipulated to give answers to questions.

This image of Raziel can be found here.

Raziel offers special support to those who seek to learn, and encourages us to ask questions so that we may illuminate our mind and spirit and come to know the truth about the wonders of life. He is a magnificent teacher who helps us grasp complex matters with ease. At the same time, he guards knowledge from those that are not ready to receive it; there is a time for everything, and disturbing the order by rushing and forcing things against their natural flow has seldom done anyone good. That's why Raziel also teaches us to study with more haste, less speed.

I will say now that I have no idea whether these readings really mean anything or not, I do know I have a great deal more to learn before I will have any idea. But it is interesting that in my journey through midlife where I have felt so often that I have not had control over much of what has been happening that the first card I draw is one which says "Take back your power."

One of the things that I have had happen to me over the past year is that I have begun to see auras around people. Now when this first happened I was afraid that I might be going a little bit troppo but when they do appear to me they seem very real. The rational man says again that perhaps it is possible to see aspects of that magnetic/electrical energy that courses through all of our bodies. One final thing I will say about this card is that I saw a yellow glow around my friend immediately after drawing the cards but it is only tonight in googling Archangel Raziel that I find that he is said to have a glowing yellow aura that surrounds him.

Card 2; Archangel Uriel - "You know what to do"

Uriel is said to be the spirit of ministration and peace and the Archangel of Salvation. He is often depicted as holding out the flame of love to all souls. It is said that you invoke Uriel to help you with the Winds of Change.

Uriel promotes compassion and peace. Most emphatically, he will dispel darkness with light at times when we are feeling depressed, angry, victimized, or confused. At those times, he helps release anger, unforgiveness, and other negative emotions that may be clouding our vision and judgment. In this respect he helps counsellors, teachers and everyone seeking truths, and supports them in the many twists and turns in their spiritual journey.

Can there be any more change than that which the challenge of midlife brings and how many of us wish we could receive and accept the guidance of someone through this period. Certainly I do and I have found it in my readings and more particularly in the exploration of self that this writing has brought me.

Card 3; Archangel Jeremiel - All is well.

These words from "Mystic Familiar" say it all -

Jeremiel's name means 'Mercy of God'In addition to being an archangel of prophetic vision's, Jeremiel helps newly-crossed over souls to review their lives. This is a service he helps those still living with, too. If you'd like to take an inventory of your life, so as to make positive adjustments, call upon Jeremiel.

This image of Jeremiel can be found here.

Jeremiel helps us see our lives from a loving and tender perspective and enables us to let go of the past and come to terms with changes. He inspires mercy and guides us toward love, kindness, and most importantly, harmony with all aspects of our lives. Whenever we feel the need to take an inventory of our life, so as to make positive adjustments, Jeremiel will be there. He helps us decide which goals are worthwhile and satisfying to pursue, which relationships need to be protected and nurtured, and which aspects of our lives are hurting, angering, or slowing us down and need to be discarded.

Besides helping us to see with clarity while reviewing and summarizing our past and present life, Jeremiel assists us with clairvoyant abilities in our waking and dream life to grant us insight in what is yet to come. He offers comfort whenever the uncertain future is causing us to be anxious. At times when we feel �stuck�, spiritually or emotionally, he helps us regain enthusiasm and confidence. After an encounter with Jeremiel, our view on life will have changed and our thoughts will be untangled.

I did not look at any of the other cards in the deck, so I cannot say that any other three randomly drawn cards could not also be seen to have some significance for my current journey. I think though that the three cards I did draw all have wonderful bits of advice to aid us through the midlife challenge.

Do I believe? I can honestly say that I do not yet know. Perhaps there is purpose to the journey. Maybe one day I will know the answer.


Jod{i} said...

Wow....I like this post, I had to reread, and will more than likely do so again.
I know for myself, I have always questioned religion. Understanding it and the why's, why not's. TO the point the Pastor of our church,as a child called my mother to talk...
I find it humorous now, it wasn't then. Yet that moment is what sent me on my own quest...
I educated myself about many many religions. And to be honest still havent found my niche, what was screaming out for me..Yet I held onto ideals, values and principles. I have always been drawn to Buddhism and read the philosophy often...I do believe though, in a spirituality...I just do not label it.
I will be back as you have piqued my thoughts!

Greg said...

"It is undeniable that there is order in the universe, physical laws about matter, energy and time that are indisputable [...]"

It does not have to be the case that there is order in the universe. It could be the case that we create order. If I were to throw the contents of a can of paint into the air, there is a small chance that the paint will land on the ground in a fashion that the paint forms a circle. Someone will come along and state that a circle clearly has order to it, that a mathematical formula guides it. But did order create it, or did we create order? If I were to create a game using several small stones, would that order be inherent to the stones or did I impose order unto the stones?

Beth said...

I long since gave up religion - the rules and regulations didn't make sense to me if God was all loving and all knowing.
Spirituality, on the other hand has grown immensely in my life. Through divorce, cancer, my second husband almost leaving, I learned that each time I truly understood things, my heart filled with wonder and delight.
May you find the same feelings some day with your own path...

Josie Two Shoes said...

This was a wonderful, thought provoking post, Loz. Many, maybe most, of us travel on a spirtual journey thru life, at times aware of our progress, at times not. At points, disbelief is essential if we are to review and move onward. I strongly agree with Beth on the issue of religion (especially in the organized church sense) and spirituality being two entirely different subjects. I do believe that some occurances in our lives are pre-destined, such as our encounters with various people, but we certainly must still have choices about how we will interact, what decisions we make, and what paths we take. I agree about each opening up infinite possibilities - you said that well! I am glad you are rediscovering your spiritual self, I wish you well on the journey.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you seem to have struggled with this aspect of your life. You seem to portray a surprise at finding some belief in spirituality only because you have opened your heart up to the notion. After reading your post, I went onto read some of the others and find a connection with you. You are an amazing man Laurie you are no longer hiding behind any facades and I admire you for that. I too have my issues as I guess many of us do, that read others blogs. I am contemplating (seriously) leaving my lifetime partner. How to take that step? I don't know? How did you actually decide to have the conversation that opens up your heart to all the angst and heartbreak that follows when you make these announcements? How can it be anything but hurtful to those surrounding you at the time? I take delight that you seem to have grown as a person and found your outlet to express your emotions and in that, find others that are ready to share your journey with you. Good luck Laurie, may your light continue to shine, whether be through spirituality or otherwise. Hopefully, I can come along for the ride sometime.

Loz said...

Jodi - I have never been comfortable with organised religion because it is aimed to control rather than to encourage inquisitveness.

Greg - great questions greg and I'll add another - do we create the laws to fit the reality we perceive? I don't know. I failed physics in form 5.

Beth - thankyou. I feel that the learning will never end.

Josie - I cannot say that things are any clearer for me now than they have ever been. I do now feel comfortable enough to ask the questions rather than dismiss them out of hand.

Anonymous - finding the courage to hurt people was the hardest thing I have ever done. Refusing to do that would have meant continuing to hurt them long term and in realising that I found the ability to finally move forward. I hope one day when they find true happiness that they will forgive me.

HollyGL said...

Loz, I'm so excited that you are opening up to the point of seeing auras. Its really a huge deal. I understand that the exploration of spirituality is a process. I, personally, believe - spiritually - that we create our own reality in subtle and overt ways. But that's just me.

By the way, I have angel cards too. I believe that they can all apply to one thing or another in your life, but the ones you draw are the ones that most apply to your situation at that particular time.

Anonymous said...

When I was much younger, I had religion and spitituality thrust upon me. And as such, as soon as I gained a litle freedom, I moved away from it as quickly as possible.

But when I did, I found that it left a giant, gaping hole. A hole I tried to fill unsuccessfully with many different things.

In all those years since, I've studied many different religions and faiths, or whatever label was currently being used. Some made perfect sense while others seemed like complete nonsense. I don't think this was a search for self or anything like that, more of a search for meaning.

So over the years I have come back to my original faith, but there are liberal sprinklings of others that have helped me seperate religion and spirituality. The two are seperate in my book.

I've found what works for me, what answers some questions for me, and what still holds wonder for me. In the end, I think it all comes down to growth or at least the process of growth. I wish you luck...

paisley said...

very much like the tarot, i believe that the cards make it easier to see certain aspects of yourself... sometimes things you know,, but are afraid to verbalize,, and sometimes things you didn't know you knew,, till you saw them... believing i don't think is nearly as important as taking the wisdom of the council... after all it is your own wisdom,, what you feel as a result of seeing and experiencing the card,, the angel... that is what i have found most profound

Loz said...

Hi Holly - honest doubt about what is happening to me is still bery much a part of it.

Seiche - I've never ha real faith but have often envied people who do.

Paisley - I like that explanation; interpreting things in the light of what is happening to give insight into those events is a really ineteresting concept.

Greg said...

"do we create the laws to fit the reality we perceive?"

We don't have any other option. Even rationalization is a form of perception.

OMYWORD! said...

Hello Loz, great post. A long time ago a Jungian therapist said to me, "I believe that 'God' evolves as we evolve." I have never forgotten that. As each of us evolves spiritually, we influence the growth of not only our world, but also of 'God.' This makes 'God' a dynamic being and all of our lives intertwined in the evolution of humankind. Interesting huh?

Loz said...

Very interesting concept Ohmyword. The collective consciousness of all beings impacting on the mind of God or actually being God. I'll have to think about that one a bit more.