Friday, July 6, 2007


Not really a meme but it was a question asked by HollyGL at Remedial Ruminations. What nicknames have I had?

1. Juicey - given to me by a teacher at Primary School which was a corruption of my surname Joyce. At times it became Juicey Fruit.

2. Joycie - seems a bit of a family tradition because my sons have both copped the same one. If someone calls out Joycie and the three of us are together we'll both look around.

3. Truck - stuck for a little while when I played basketball at university and comes from Laurie or "lorry"

4. Loz - this is the one that follows me and is used by many who know me now.

Nothing too exciting amongst any of those is there.


HollyGL said...

Hey Loz! Thanks for taking up the gauntlet here! :) Now I feel special!

HollyGL said...

By the way, for some reason I thought your dad coined the nickname "Loz", but I see it was LJ.

paisley said...

well you'll always be my friend loz from oz... cant help it... i just love the way it sounds!!!!!!!

Loz said...

Steph - I forgot about LJ

Paisley - how many other people form Oz do you know?