Saturday, July 7, 2007

Newsflash 1

Jeff came up with the Newsflash idea over at Psychosomatic Wit and I thought I'd take up the gauntlet. He explains it thus -

NEWS FLASH is basically news or thoughts that may be changing over time - an update or an evolution of thought that covers a multiple of topics. It is what makes a blogger tick and it is the reason why we read. So, with that in mind, I came up with NEWS FLASH as an acronym that stands for what is going on in life:

News (or current events)
Entertainment (movies, TV, celebrity, etc.)
Work (thoughts on the job or employer)
Spirit (thoughts on God and/or the supernatural)
Family (or friends)
Anxiety (a rant or a trouble)
Sports (also considered should be contests, reality tv, recreation, cards, games), and
Home (house, yard, or even another family type of thought.

Here is mine.

Big issue this week is that a footballer, Alan Didak who plays for Collingwood, was actually in a car driven by a Hells Angel when shots were fired at police. A week later this same outlaw bikie shot three people in the city, killing one who came to the aid of a lady in trouble. Now I have to say we don't yet know the full story, but we do know that Didak did not report the incident to police. There has been a lot of speculation on whether this bloke may not have killed anyone if he had been arrested earlier. Maybe a long bow to draw, and maybe not. Bottomline is, a hero died, and a privileged sportsman ran away and hid from responsibility.

Plenty of new stories on this and here is one of them.

Went with son number one and the two daughters to see "Blades of Glory" on tightarse Tuesday. It was amusing without being full of belly laughs. Have also been watching Deadwood on DVD with son number one which I am really enjoying.

More of the same really. Very successful school holiday camp with more than 120 kids per day attending. Some coach issues to sort out as well as some legal documents both for the stadium we lease, plus one we are building at a local high school.

I'm not a religious person but I am learning to be spiritual and explore that side. I'm reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior at the moment. Not really sure where it's going yet, nor if there are lessons I will take on board.

Great to catch up with 3 of my 4 kids on Tuesday night. Just tried to get them all to come with me to see my mother, their grandmother tomorrow afternoon, with negatives from the two daughters so far. Not sure they understand that grandparents are special people who are too soon gone.

My mate Ian arrived in Glasgow about 8 hours after a couple of lunatics tried to blow up a bomb there.

The big hope is my kids will continue to come around.

A niece had a crack at me on my other blog - Midlife - A Journey. Actually there were two cracks.

My football team, Carlton, got absolutely belted last weekend. My basketball team Knox Raiders men will struggle to make the finals now having been beaten twice on the road last weekend and meeting the tope team, Geelong Supercats, at home tonight.

Got a letter from my ex-wifes solicitor yesterday with a suggested property settlement which I will have to look at a bit more closely before I reply.

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Jeff said...

I like it. It takes a while to get the mind going on it, but it has helped me keep track of my life a little bit. Some aspects of it make good blog posts on its own.