Monday, July 16, 2007

Musical Monday 1

I'm finding that I'm spending more time reading other people's blogs than writing my own at the moment but I will get some things done tonight after work I hope. In the meantime I'm going to cheat a bit.

I've decided that I'll simply post a song on a Monday. These may be a piece of music that has meant something to me in the past, or simply something I enjoy listening to, or perhaps a reflection of my mood at the time. I think though that music does have the capacity to reveal something about the listener. Enjoy! Take me up on the challenge and post some of your own.


OMYWORD! said...

Thanks for that. It brought me back in time. And happy birthday yesterday. I hope you had a great time. My 50th in April happened as I was selling everything I own and setting out for the great unknown. I wouldn't call it a "cool" change but it was definitely time for a change. I wish you many more happy years of discovery.

Blur Ting said...

OMG! How can I miss it? Happy belated birthday Loz! It's kinda sad what's happening now with the kids not used to the separation and the ex- and everything but time will heal everything. I know it will cos I've been through it. Life will get better for everyone :-)

meleah rebeccah said...

Thats a good idea. Music Mondays I like it! (its fun for us, and frees up reading time for you!)


Loz said...

Omyword - thankyou and I am enjoying your blogs

Blur - thankyou too and I'm sure everything will work out

Mel - makes me look a bit lazy I think but time is an issue at the moment :)