Saturday, June 9, 2007

Quite the Philosopher

I am still trawling through my old journals and thought I would share a few entries from my profundity period - as in profound rather than profanity.

From Journal 1 – 31-07-1978
Those who concern themselves overmuch with the opinions of others are dooming themselves to a life of worry. For although pride in self-achievement is a necessary condition for self respect, that achievement can only be measured against one’s own previous triumphs and defects and not the opinions of others.

From Journal 1 – 11-12-1978
The difference between life and death is companionship, which at its best is called love. Given the choice, I would have to choose life, for I have no real desire to travel anywhere alone.

A politician should be judged on the morals of the people and not on his own ideas of morality. Then and only then would the possibility of worthwhile leadership arise.

Judge not the worth of a person on his honesty or dishonesty, but rather on the times those traits appear. I would much rather know a person who lies so as not to hurt the feelings of others, than one who uses honesty as an excuse for callousness.

Self pity is the beginning of a loss of self respect.

There are a few things that strike me about some of these old posts. Firstly that I still hold some of the tenets I espoused more than a quarter of century ago. Secondly, that I actually wrote some of it at all. If I was reading it for the first time I might be convinced that the author was a bit of a wanker, or had way too much of an opinion of himself for his own good.

But in 1978 I was at university and enjoying the stretching of intellect and the exploration of new ideas free of the cloistered world of high school. It was fun to learn and for me still is.

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