Thursday, June 21, 2007

Musical Memories

I’m not sure whether a meme has been done along these lines before but it may be a bit of fun.

Rules are simple.

1. Name between 5 & 10 songs that have made an impact on your life. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how many you wish to describe

2.Pass it onto five other people with a link back to your own post and this one as the original.

Musical Memories

1. Ballad of Davy Crockett – We didn’t have a radiogram when we were kids but we did have a Bakelite record player and am radio. Mum had a huge collection of 78rpm records but the only one I ever wanted to listen to was the Ballad of Davy Crockett. Sadly I still remember the words. I must have been around 4 or 5 years old when I first heard it.

2. Edge of Reality – Elvis Presley; this was the first 45rpm record that I ever owned and I was given it one Christmas along with Suspicious Minds and a Jim Nabors EP. Don’t know what Father Christmas was thinking when he gave me the last, although I was a fan of Gomer Pyle at the time. Now Suspicious Minds was a number 1 hit in 1969 so that would have made me 12 years old.

3. Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool. Well known to Australians and still gets a great run at parties for people of all ages – my kids even love it. I remember listening to this in the back of a bus on a school history excursion to the old gold mining town of Maldon with everyone singing along at the tops of their voices. This would have been 1971-72.

4. Desperado – The Eagles. I was introduced to them by an American exchange teacher who played it to us one rainy-day lunchtime at school and I was hooked immediately and have been ever since. I’ve written about this previously here.

5. For a Dancer - Jackson Browne. I could pick anyone of a number of Jackson Browne songs but this one is a favourite. I remember seeing him when he came to Melbourne in around 1978 just after Running on Empty was released. He was late coming on stage because there had been some hold up with the transport of the trucks from Sydney, but when he did come on he treated us to four hour of magic. I got into trouble from my mother because I walked in at 4am. The concert had finished too late for us to catch public transport so we walked home from the city.

6. Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams. Because it makes me remember good times. 1969 I was actually a bit young to be doing those things but certainly in the 70’s a group of mates and I had a bit of a band thing going. Many nights were spent sitting around living rooms playing guitars and harmonicas, singing the songs we cared about. As students our disposable income was low so we made out own entertainment because we couldn’t afford the club or disco scene.

7. Boys of Summer – Don Henley. As above really, everytime I hear it I’m transported back to those days of summer of my childhood.

8. The Dance – Garth Brooks. This was played at my Dad’s funeral and the words say it all.

9.The Living Years – Mike and the Mechanics. I think this is a song for most people about their fathers. It came out long before my Dad passed away but has held a particular poignancy for me since he died.

10. I hope you Dance – Leeann Womack. I have used words from this song on birthday cards or special occasions for my own kids and nieces and nephews since it was released.

Now for the tags - and I know I have tagged each of you before - as usual only participate if you feel that it is a worthwhile topic.

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Apologies to anyone who has already strated a meme like this one.

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Lady Penelope said...

Great list LOZ! Have enjoyed reading it and may even attempt it - tragically all I can thing of is BAD 80's Oz music - lol

Loz said...

Not all 80's Oz music was that bad was it Lady Penelope? ;)

Somerset Bob said...

Hey Loz, I'm glad you tracked through your meme and commented at my attempt to answer it. I tried to track it backwards from me to find the originator so I could add a link (as the meme originally requested), but got lost on the way! Now I can modify my post to add the link. Yay!

Don Henley - Boys of Summer and Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years: both could have been on my list too. Superb songs.

English Blogger said...

Hi Loz,

Thanks for tracking me down. It was so hard to list songs, I just love music so much I feel I am being unfare to the tracks I dont choose, so I had to go for albums that mean a great deal to me. Sorry for bending the rules.

Loz said...

Thanks for back-tracking Bob and Davie. And don't worry about the rules I never intended them to be hard and fast

Maxabella said...

I like your new meme... I would put Desperado and Boys of Summer on my list too. I'd also add Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty), Easy Silence (Dixie Chicks), Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Hendrix) and Bust a Move (Young MC). x

MultipleMum said...

Hey Loz! Thanks for linking me here. 6, 7 and 9 all have strong memories for me too. Lots of mischief and beer! As Maxabella is my sister, some of her list rings true too (Baker street and Wish you were here in particular). It is funny isn't it? We are all connected in so many ways and music is a really obvious one. Great post!

Loz said...

Thanks MM - this is a theme I keep coming back to because music is so powerful as you well know - thanks for dropping by and commenting again :)