Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From an Old Journal Again

At the risk of boring readers here are a few more entries from my First Journal.

From Journal 1 – 19-03-1978

“The difference between sex and death is that with death you are alone and no is going to make fun of you. I’m not afraid of dying…I’d just rather not be there when it happens.”

- Woody Allen, The Sun 20/03/1978

From Journal 1 – 21-03-1978

To err and ignore it is divine; to show that error to all and beg forgiveness is human.

Beware of religious fervour; it’s one of the outward trappings of a closed mind.

From Journal 1 – 27-03-1978

“My conscience is provincial in nature, in that its origins are territorial. I shall invariably delude myself, however, that it is universal and thus brings to my actions the authority of universal law. It does nothing, of course, of the sort. It commands me simply to act in the interest of my society or societies.

My conscience is totally amoral. I shall delude myself that it directs me to act in the interests of the human good, and well it may. But with equal force it will direct me to act in the interests of human evil, if such evil is in the interests of my society.

My conscience, I may tell myself, is my own. It is anything but my own. Nothing I seem to possess is so little my own. It is the exclusive property of those territorial or social institutions of which I am a part.”

- Robert Ardrey: An African Genesis, p.392

From Journal 1 – 08-04-1978

Friendship is the one true constant in the universe. It cannot be bought or sold, devalued or revalued, inflated or deflated. For that reason it is priceless, and it should be valued more highl than anything else imaginable.

From Journal 1 – 10-05-1978

“…the main difference between the young and the old, the cause of the so-called Generation Gap – a gap in understanding that has existed throughout all time – is that the young simply cannot believe that the old ever really were young…whereas to an old person his youth is something that happened just last week, and it annoys the hell out of him when someone in effect denies that this old duffer ever owned a youth.”

- Robert A Heinlein: I will fear no evil, p.96

From Journal 1 – 14-06-1978

Time is the enemy of friendships, but may also be their greatest champion.

From Journal 1 – 10-07-1978

“There lives more faith in honest doubt, believe me, than in half the creeds.”

- Tennyson

From Journal 1 – 23-10-1978

A belief in fate is an excuse for the mistakes we make.

From Journal 1 – 28-03-1978

Pessimism isn’t such a bad state of mind. At least that way, if things begin to go right for a change, you can be pleasantly surprised instead of disappointed.

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