Friday, June 15, 2007


Beth is the fourth person to respond to my questions and you can read that response on her Blog "My Life Starts at Forty-two here.

Beth gives an interesting perspective on cyber-friendships and the fact that the blogosphere has exposed her to people from walks of life, cultures and places that she would never have met if not for her blog. That made me think about how limited in our friendhips that most people are. We are thrown together with school mates, work mates, neighbours and can make long lasting friendships from those places, but it is also truly a limiting factor. How much richer can our lives be with the random encounter with someone we meet online through their writing.

Jeff has expanded on his comments to an earlier post here on his blog "Psychosomatic Wit" with a post titled Are You a Friend . He asks the question about this blogosphere and whether we are truly friends or merely members of an online community. The comments in response to the post are also worth reading where Michelle raises the differences between the blogging community and some of the forums she belongs too.

And there is a major difference to this world and that of the chatroom. Here we have the luxury of tailoring our responses and perhaps writing and re-writing what we wish to say, in a chatroom the response is instant. So different aspects of our personalities are revealed, those with the quick wit may be better appreciated in a chat room than those who are slower to respond.

I sometimes have described myself as an observer in social situations rather than a participant. Maybe that has something to do with being a non-drinker, so that as the others get more lubricated and less inhibited, I tend to stand off to one side and watch. Perhaps that is one difference between the blogosphere and chatrooms, that of the difference between the observer and the participant.

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Jeff said...

I guess in the blogosphere, there is a place for all of us.