Monday, June 11, 2007

Best Friends and Loners

The first participant in my challenge is Paisley who wrote and posted this - "My own best friend". Evocative and haunting as usual, it prompted me to think a bit more about the concept of loner.

For me the silence of loneliness sometimes becomes way too loud and I yearn for companionship. At other times I am very comfortable alone. Sometimes I am envious of others and their friends, sometimes when in the company of others I wish I wasn't.

There are a few blogs I read every day - Paisley's is one - and I tend to find those I enjoy are like echos of me. Not in the sense that we have shared life experiences because there are too many points of difference to claim that, but because there is a common thread of exploration of self, of wishing to explore and understand what has gone before to make us what we are today. For better or worse.

So in the writing, parts of our selves are revealed, warts and all, the good the bad and the ugly, the previously unstated or hidden. Cathartic and confronting, hurtful and liberating, perhaps the beginning of the removal of masks and the opening of doors.

Thankyou Paisley for always thought provoking, raw and revealing posts.


paisley said...

you are a darling loz... and as far away, and distant as the paths of our lives have been,, they led us both to this little slice of life... funny isn't it how closely related we are in thought at times.....

cheers mate....

Rhonda said...

I could have written your friends post myself. I find it comforting there are other "loners" out there. You might have given me fodder for a post . . . thank you!

And thanks for linking. I am enjoying your blogs.