Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Flashback

I have participated in a few memes but this one, with my predilection at the moment of scanning old photos and reading old journals, seems particularly apt. Visit the Friday Flashback blog and check in on what others have written.

Rules are as follows - "To participate, you need to post the above image in a Friday blog post and include a photo or story from your childhood. Sort of like a blast from the past post. However, your flashback story, memory, or photo MUST BE AT LEAST 10 YEARS OLD OR MORE.

Please link the copy and link the above image back to this blog so others may sign up if they wish. The link back here is Please DO NOT alter the graphic in ANY way. You may resize it only to fit your blog entry space."

Not having a great deal of time today I have cheated a little and linked back to my "What were they thinking?" post. I'll make sure that I try and post a nostalgia based entry next Friday.

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