Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bullying Bullshit

I had a few dramas getting Erin to school toady and in fact I’m leaving work shortly to pick her up and get her there by recess.

A couple of weeks ago Erin went to the pictures with her friend Ashleigh to see The Reaping, which is hardly age appropriate for 13 year olds. Anyway, 15 minutes into the movie Erin walked out and called me to pick her up, which was fine by me. Ashleigh’s mother then told Ashleigh off for letting a friend leave the movie by herself. I didn't really have a problem and I said that we had no beef with Ashleigh over it. Nevertheless, she got into trouble and her and Erin have been feuding ever since – as girls do if you’ll forgive the sexist comment.

Apparently a friend of Ashleigh told some Year 9 girls that Erin had called her a slut and yesterday at lunch time these three girls approached Erin, surrounded her and one of them, screamed in her face. Erin tells me that one of the girls was there but not involved in the crap that went on and she later apologized to her.

It was witnessed by Erin’s cousin Amy who messaged my other daughter Maddy, and when Maddy broke for lunch she sought Erin out to find out what had happened. As luck would have it the screamer walked past at that time and Maddy told her off for carrying on like a pork chop.

So in a nutshell, Erin didn’t want to go to school today because she’d been bullied. I don’t really expect the school to do anything about this instance but I did want it on record in the event that it continues. Erin certainly denies saying anything about any girl being a slut and I believe her. I may have taken the incident with a bit more of a grain of salt except that Amy witnessed it and was concerned by it enough to tell Maddy about it.

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