Saturday, April 7, 2007

Why Blog?

If you've read the brief blurb in my profile you will know that I started this blog when my father passed away in August 2004. It's not that I didn't write before, just that I used to keep a journal, but in the past few years the entries in that have become rather sparse. And anyway that was something that no one read.

When Dad died, I struggled. I began to face a huge number of issues from my childhood and I've written about some of them on this blog, but it is only recently that I have begun to understand them.

The sub-header on my title is "Crisis? What Crisis?" which also happens to be the title of a Supertramp Album and for many of you will date my formative years to the '70's. I've used those words because I don't like calling that seminal mid-life stage of our journey a crisis. It is about re-assessing who we are and placing the context of our past into the person we are now. It is not necessarily about waking up one morning and seeing the future clearly. Maybe some people can do that, for me though that hasn't happened.

So back to the title of this post - why blog? Well with mid-life often comes questions about self esteem and that is certainly something I have struggled with. So blogging not only allows me to write as therapy, but gives some validation to that writing by having people read it. Once you come to the conclusion that it is important for people to visit and comment you are then faced with a few choices about the nature of your blog.

Questions arise about whether you want to earn money from the blog in which case you can prostitute yourself by offfering favourable reviews of products and services. Or you can choose to specialise and find a niche market that will drive traffic to your site. For me though, this will be about how I feel about things. I expect that I will upload bits and pieces of my old journal, I will comment on news and give views on events. And whilst the ego likes the fact that visit and read, at the end of the day this is really about me.

I spent yesterday playing around with the look and feel of the blog and registering at various blog indexes which has resulted in a lot more visits in the past 24 hours. For those of you who wish to do the same may I suggest several sites to start -

Blog Explosion - Here you can gain credits by visiting other peoples sites which in turn will draw people to yours.

My Blog Log - Lots of blog communities and the capacity to add friends and contacts.

Outpost Earth - A registry of blogs which shows a chronology of blogs that have been updated and is broken up geographically.

May I make this observation. If people have the courtesy to visit your blog and leave a comment, do your best to reciprocate.

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