Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We are the stuff of Stars

But is that all we are? I know that each molecule that makes up our bodies had it's origins in the birth of stars and from that point of view we are immortal. But what of the essence that makes us what we are - what of the soul and the spirit? Does that essence endure? Are there countless lost souls waiting out there to coalesce and become human again?

No one said that midlife actually gave you answers but it sure as hell raises a lot of questions. Sometimes the questions seem overwhelming and when you can't even define what they are how do you find the answers?

I am not religious. Not anti-religion either because I think that at times I would like the comfort of belief. But I'm not in that space either although part of this journey has been about a kind of spiritual awakening.

Take a look at that picture which is from the Hubble telescope and realise how small we are to have such an enquiring mind and need for such big answers.

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