Wednesday, April 11, 2007

There are doors

There are doors in our minds. Some are easily opened, others you may open a crack and peep through, then slam them shut again because there is a fear of what lies beyond. Still others you would welcome family, friends and strangers through.

From the moment we are born we construct our memories into rooms in which there are many doors and windows. Some are fresh painted, bright and sunny, others shine with the light of a single lamp. There are doors behind which parties are held and which hold the photographs of happy times, yet others are hung with the moribund curtains of failures and false memories.

There are doors in our mind through which we can travel to visit friends, where grandparents still laugh and jiggle grandchildren on knees, where school mates still jostle and laugh in corridors and team mates live the joy of victory and the fear of defeat.

There are doors through which we will never again set foot and others that open onto wondrous vistas of times yet to come and offer promises of love and peace.

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