Thursday, April 19, 2007

Four times the Verbosity

There has been a bit of publicity over the past few days about a new book by Louan Brizzendine called "The Female Brain". One of the differences discussed is that the average woman speaks more than 30,000 words per day whilst the average man only speaks around 7,000. No man would be surprised to find that women speak at least four times as much as they do.

And therein lies my problem. My wife and I separated a little over a year ago but I still take my two daughters to school at leat twice a week. Why is it that when I say we're leaving at 8:30 they seem to interpret that as meaning "8:30 is the time I start to put on my makeup, brush my hair, look for my shoes and socks, make my lunch and pack my school bag"?

Perhaps the answer lies in that need to speak extra words so if anyone can make a suggestion about how I can expand the sentence "We're leaving at 8:30" to actually mean we're leaving at 8:30 and all those other things have to be done before that time, please let me know.

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