Saturday, April 28, 2007

Boys Booze and Brawls

“I gotta ice my wrist when I get home”, said Woody, as I was driving home from the party last night. “I think I might have bent the pin.”

“How did you end up with a pin in your wrist?” I asked.

“I blame Steve Irwin even thought he’s dead now”, he replied.

OK I’ll bite I thought “What did Steve Irwin have to do with it?”

“Well Dad and I were in Queensland on holiday, and we saw a show at Australia Zoo that finished early so Dad asked if I wanted to go go-karting and I crashed and broke my hand.”

Woody is a mate of Glen’s and I was taking a car load home from Maddy and Scott’s 18th birthday party up at Mt Dandenong. The party had been postponed from a couple of weeks ago and was going along fine until about 11:30 last night, when the booze started to kick in and set off some testosterone fuelled idiocy. Woody’s sore wrist was a result of him trying to break up a fight at the party.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the midst of that sort of rubbish. I don’t even know what started it. I was sitting inside with the other oldies watching the footy when someone came in and said there was a fight in the backyard. By the time I got outside there were actually a few fights. Glen and I grabbed a couple of guys and ejected them and no sooner was that done than another one would erupt. Eventually we got the troublemakers out into the street and called the police who cleared everyone away.

No real damage apart from a couple of black eyes and bruised egos in the end. Glen tells me that it was a group of deros from the High School who hadn’t even been invited to the party.

One other bit of collateral damage – the cops had one of their tyres slashed and I’m just glad the idiot who did that didn’t pull a knife during the fights.

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