Friday, March 30, 2007

The flutter of butterflies wings

I’m not a physicist, in fact I failed physics in Form 5 in 1973. That’s year 11 for those who are younger than I. And therefore I have no real idea about chaos theory nor about the underlying theory of the interconnectedness of matter. I have, however, read a few things that make a bit of sense to me.

Somewhere somewhen someone wrote that even the flutter of a butterflies wings has the potential to trigger a hurricane. In life things may happen with an innocence and a seeming irrelevance or with innocuous ease that can lead to life changing decisions. And sometimes even in retrospect it isn’t easy to find the first flap of those wings.

All I know is that for me at this particular point in time I need to journey back from the hurricane, through the gale force winds and the eye of the storm to find that point where the butterfly emerged and stretched its wings to the drying sun before leaping into the air. And it may well be that there were many such times and many storms. When does the flap of the wing become a zephyr which then manifests as the eye of a storm? Why do some peter out and others have such capacity for change? Which ones become destructive and what do they destroy and is the destruction always bad?

In understanding that and in finding the answers can we work out where the next stage of our journey leads?

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