Monday, March 19, 2007

Burwood High School - Form 2 1970

1970 - no longer the grubs of the school. Playing kick to kick with our woodwork aprons on the hill before school until one day someone decided to bring an egg along and we'd toss them back and forth. Inevitably they'd break and splatter sending yoke and eggwhite over our trousers. My first pair of jeans - Amco superheavyweights. Dunno why I bought them, most people wore either Lee or Levis which were worn as low as possible to expose the crack at the back and the pubes at the front.

Started playing basketball for Wattle Park Saints - won a premiership in our first season. Remember being terrified at my first teenage party and having to play spin the bottle. Was so scared that I would be laughed at that i had to walk out of the room.

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