Monday, March 19, 2007

Burwood High School - Form 1 1969

Days of caps and blazers. Cold winters with frozen puddles and hot summers. Gardiners Creek floods, emporer gum caterpillars in the trees along Eley Road. Moving from grass traps, scid pans, games of British Bulldog and Slagger at Bennettswood Primary to the bigger world of Burwood High. Collars and ties for the boys, straw hats for the girls. New friends from different State Schools. Tarax lemonade at the canteen and lollies.

Brian Abbott collecting tarax bottles for the two cent refund. Sex education for the first time and watched the movie "Birth of a Red Kangaroo". Never have been able to work out where a human females pouch is.

Introduced to woodwork, metalwork, music and home economics. Made same bad wooden bowls and even worse scones. Got my first ever pair of long pants during this year at some stage. Winters were never the same again.

And yes I am in the photo.

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