Saturday, March 31, 2007

Black Magic

When we think of black magic we might think of the three old crones in Macbeth spouting “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”; or of the zombies created by voodoo masters, or burning at the stake and evil spells. And in the 21st century we probably feel that these are things of myth and legend and that they have no relevance today. But consider this.

If black magic involves the modification of behaviour of a person so that they make decisions they might not ordinarily make if they knew the full truth, then is that still not something that is very real even today?

The answer of course is yes. And even without frogs legs, hemlock and toadstools, spells can be cast that cause damage to people in many ways. The pity is that for the most part these things are done unknowingly, and because of that they are not expected nor noticed, they simply have an insidious capacity to damage people and relationships, be they at work or at home, between friends, family or lovers, for matters of minutes until things are clarified, or at their worst, to change a life’s journey.

I have not truly understood this until I read Don Miguel Ruiz’s book The Four Agreements, but I have seen it happen and now that I understand it I know that it is the truth.

Gossip in all it’s forms is black magic. Whether it is an innocent comment about a particular person or situation, or whether it is said in spite, or with the desire to harm a person’s reputation, gossip can make people make decisions or behave in manners that they would not ordinarily do. At the best it will make people see someone in a manner that imposes someone elses reality on their perceptions, and, in some cases, we wake up and say that the gossip was wrong and therefore choose to believe the evidence of our own eyes or feelings. At its worst, however, it can totally change someone’s opinion and forever alter their opinions and belief system.

The first casualty of that is faith, the second trust and the third is the future. Make no mistake, entire futures can be altered by the whispers of gossips. They may not consider that they are casting spells, that their words are as much black magic as the witches at Macbeth’s cauldron, but those words have the power to destroy kingdoms, to make the strongest relationships crumble.

When we lose faith and trust, when we allow doubt to creep into our thoughts then the magic becomes very powerful and we must do our best to understand what is happening. If we don’t do that, if we allow doubt to become our overriding belief, if we accept the opinions of others before our own faith, or the belief of our own hearts and minds then we do run the risk of altering our future.

Beware the words of gossips. Trust yourself to form opinions that are valid, rather than grasp at the poison in the words of others.

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